Bakita KK

'How will we or any other, see potential within your colour.
If speaking well is defined as forgetting one's own and acting like another'
- Losing myself in language.

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'Know that no bible can tell you you're worth less than a man. Know that Eve was more spin than Adam to defy God'
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She Speaks True

'In our society, there is an unfair hiercarchy of 50 shades of black, which causes so many people to lack, lack the
beauty and confidence of their own skin, resulting in them losing
themselves, and who they are within'

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That Poet Paula

"Am I black enough for you is my sun kissed skin not sun kissed enough for you?"

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Zara Sham

"Why cant we just be honest, trying desperately to act without distorting our perfected skin whilst internally we are broken"

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Dialectic Dee

'' when our vision is what they really taint, leaving us oblivious to the other side of the image in which they paint''

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'You are different'
'So Sit with us'
But social mirrors will remind you of the difference
Ignorance will smack you down
Then 'tolerance' will Ice your wounds'

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Kay Riley

"Wonderfully and fearfully made, from now on I will embrace, this very being. I'm #ThatWoman who loves her body."

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Aaliyah Wrote

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Jamilah H

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Adelaide Banks

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Davicka Seasons


Liv Sol

Warrior Debz