Atlanta Green
My name is Atlanta Green and I am a 24 year old published writer, spoken word artist, playwright and blogger for DK Online Magazine and HUGH magazine.

A lover of all things creative, I've self published three books and performed my work at a variety of different spoken events within London.

My passion is to help other creatives, I have a soft spot for poetry as a spoken word artist and I'm appreciative of the great talent coming out of our generation.

A lover of female empowerment and all things up lifting my vision is to reach out to people like myself..
'Before I was anything else, I was a female. It would be stupid not to be on my own side.' is my ETHOS.

Through events and networking with like minded individuals I hope to be a go to and established brand and name for female spoken word and female empowerment in London. 

To get in contact with me: 
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @Iamatlantagreen